Mission and values

The mission of Sports for a Better World is to design and organize sports & investor events that actively promote sustainability and build bridges between different groups and communities.

In everything we do, we adhere to our values:

  • Working together: Our committed team works together with different stakeholders across all domains, borders and mindsets. We thrive on out-of-the-box thinking, new solutions and crazy ideas. We treat all equally and with respect.
  • Empowerment: Working closely with our partners and teams, we encourage everyone to take ownership of the projects they are involved with. Transferring skills and know-how is done by open communication and learning together.
  • Transparency: All of our activities are fully transparent: we expect a commitment to transparency from our partners and sponsors as well.
  • Addressing causes: To ensure that we are addressing the cause and not just the symptom, we do our research and listen to the communities we aim to support. Instead of immediate gain, we promote long-term solutions and deep partnerships.
  • Creating value and income: Our events aim to facilitate investments by bringing together project owners and investors, and by offering insight and partnerships for specific markets. By promoting shared value ecosystems, we build long-term partnerships with all of our stakeholders.