Hippo living

Golf for Kenya is designed and managed by Better World Initiatives, a London-based company. The founder and CEO, Helinä Piik, chose the company’s hippopotamus logo based on a family story.


“In the 60s, my mother and her parents lived in New York. My grandfather was working at the United Nations and my grandmother took care of the home and the children. As the Ambassador’s wife, she also had many responsibilities and was often supporting him in his duties,” Helinä says.

“My grandfather was very focused on work and demanded a lot from the people around him – but fortunately, he was aware of this. Once, he came home (from Manhattan, they lived upstate) with a present for my grandmother: a blue hippo from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was a replica of WIlliam the Hippo, a small statue found in 1917 in a tomb in Egypt. He gave the statue to my grandmother to say thank you, and to recognize that, like hippos, she also had a thick skin and would always survive.”

Helinä’s grandfather passed away in 2001 and her grandmother in 2014. “Nowadays, the blue hippo lives with me. Whenever I look at it, I think of my grandmother – and hope to be as tenacious and as kind as she was.”

The logo is designed by the Kathmandu-based artist Prachin Siddhi, who has also designed the logos for Golf for a Better World.

Hippos playing